Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trashing Silver: East does it best, but at a cost.

I recently found this great article below of how 'Western' society is lagging behind 'Eastern' societies in recycling... silver. Apparently there is a gold and silver that can be made in reclaiming precious metals from from old computers and electronic equipment. The problem is that alot of it is linked with child labour and organised crime. Here are some excerpts from an interesting article from Ars Technica

from Computer  Take Back
The Executive Secretary of StEP, Dr. Ruediger Kuehr, has slammed the state of e-waste management as "short sighted and wasteful of natural resources," claiming that the accumulation of rare, valuable metals in waste facilities threatens the future supply of electronic goods—not only consumer gadgets, but also electric car batteries and solar panels.

But there's also the human cost of e-waste management to consider. The crude recovery methods used at developing world recycling facilities expose unskilled workers, who are often children, to a host of toxic materials and contaminants also used in the manufacture of electronics. more...

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